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An on rails shooter for the HTC Vive where you are the pilot inside of a giant mech. Motion controller movement moves the mech arms 1 to 1 for a Pacific Rim feel. Press the touchpad to bring up the weapon selection and touch the weapon to equip it to the hand of the mech. Score as many points as you can before the end.

(Boss battle and level design wasn't quite finished during the gamejam, may be fixed up in the future if theres interest!)


Install instructions

Apparently it can crash at launch sometimes, just run it a second time and it should be fine.


MechVR.zip 285 MB


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Anyway I can play this?

Hey your game looks so good, but I recomend you that add in your keys some 'vr' or 'htc vive' words, because I found you in relations games, but not in the HTC Vive list ;) lucky for you'r game!

Thanks, I'll add that to the description! I had no idea this was going to end up publicly listed somewhere, this was for a gamejam a couple months back.

If there is any other way to contact you, I would love to do so, I don't have much experience as a dev (I am currently working on my first game with unity) I would love to help in any way possible (Bug fixing, play testing, etc...) if you want to chat, hit me up (my email: jcocja@hotmail.com)

If only you could control the mechs legs using the touchpad, still really cool though, and I would love to see the game updated