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Anyway I can play this?

Hey your game looks so good, but I recomend you that add in your keys some 'vr' or 'htc vive' words, because I found you in relations games, but not in the HTC Vive list ;) lucky for you'r game!

Thanks, I'll add that to the description! I had no idea this was going to end up publicly listed somewhere, this was for a gamejam a couple months back.

If there is any other way to contact you, I would love to do so, I don't have much experience as a dev (I am currently working on my first game with unity) I would love to help in any way possible (Bug fixing, play testing, etc...) if you want to chat, hit me up (my email:

If only you could control the mechs legs using the touchpad, still really cool though, and I would love to see the game updated